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Thank you for thinking of Modern Times Bookstore for an event.

Before submitting an event request, please do your homework!

Modern Times receives dozens of requests each month. Before sending a request, consider why you are requesting Modern Times Bookstore.

Modern Times Bookstore opened as a worker collective in 1971 as one of many “movement” bookstores founded to support the proliferation of revolutionary socialist thought. Today, Modern Times is dedicated to supporting the literary and artistic work of voices historically marginalized or silenced in the publishing world, including, but not limited to people of color, queer people, low and no income people, women and transfolk, disabled people, and emerging artists.

If your event fits within these parameters, please proceed in sending your request!

Give special consideration to answering the following questions before submitting a request:

  1. What relevance does this event hold for Modern Times patrons?
  2. What relevance does this event hold for residents of San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood?
  3. Does this event live up to Modern Times Bookstore’s mission of supporting historically undervalued voices, and if so, how?
  4. Does this event support emerging arts, and if so, how?
  5. How will you, as the author or publicist, contribute to the promotion for your proposed event?

Decisions about hosting an event will be made based on your answers to these questions, retail price of the book, and availability of requested dates.

Modern Times Events are booked up to three months in advance – keep this time frame in mind when soliciting specific dates. We will also take into consideration nearby bookings in the City and in the region.

Email requests should be sent to  our events committee:

Thank you again for thinking of Modern Times Bookstore for your event.  Best of luck!