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Greta Christina | Coming Out Atheist Book Reading/Signing

Saturday, April 26, 2014 @ 3:30 pm

Book reading/signing event for Greta Christina and her new book ‘Coming Out Atheist’.

Publisher’s Comments:
Coming out as an atheist is a powerful, liberating act. It makes life better for yourself, for other atheists, and for the world. But telling people you’re an atheist can be risky. What are the best ways to do it? And how can we help each other take this step?

In this compassionate, friendly, down-to-earth how-to guide, popular author and blogger Greta Christina (Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless) offers concrete strategies and guiding philosophies for coming out as an atheist. Based on hundreds of coming-out stories, the book offers a map of the territory atheists are likely to encounter — and ideas on how to pick the path that’s best for you.

This accessible, empathetic guide reflects a wide range of atheist coming-out experiences. It includes dedicated chapters on:

Spouses and Partners
The Internet
Conservative Communities
The Already Marginalized
and much more.

For atheists who are already out, it gives practical ideas on how to help others join you in the sunlight. And for atheists who are on the fence, it offers guidance on making that decision — and gentle encouragement to take that step.
Inspiring and realistic, kind and powerful, Coming Out Atheist is the much-needed guidebook atheists have been waiting for.

Author Greta Christina is donating 10% of her income from this book to atheist organizations, charities, and projects.

About the Author
Greta Christina is author of the highly-acclaimed Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless, an Amazon best-seller in the Atheism category. One of the most widely-read and well-respected bloggers in the atheist blogosphere (Greta Christina’s Blog, freethoughtblogs.com/greta), she was ranked by an independent analyst as one of the Top Ten most popular atheist bloggers. She is a regular contributor to AlterNet, Salon, Free Inquiry, and The Humanist, and her writing has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, including Ms., Penthouse, Skeptical Inquirer, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the anthology Everything You Know About God Is Wrong. She is author of Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More, and editor of Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients and of the Best Erotic Comics anthology series. She has been writing professionally since 1989, on topics including atheism, skepticism, sexuality and sex-positivity, LGBT issues, politics, culture, and whatever crosses her mind. She is on the speakers’ bureaus of the Secular Student Alliance and the Center for Inquiry. She tweets at @GretaChristina. She lives in San Francisco with her wife, Ingrid.


Saturday, April 26, 2014
3:30 pm


Modern Times Bookstore Collective
2919 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 United States


Modern Times Bookstore Collective