Community Resources

At Modern Times we’re not just interested in selling books. We understand that we fill a niche in the indie bookstore world, but we also see our mission as being a resource and community center for our neighbors. We believe that struggles for racial, economic, gender, and ecological justice are all connected, and work to support these struggles through our community partnerships.

As we expand our event & meeting space at the rear of the store we’re looking forward to creating new connections and sustaining existing ones to local organizations, groups, and our varied overlapping communities.

We host the monthly events Queer Open Mic, Círculo de lectoras y lectores de literatura en español and the meetings of community groups like Mission Cop Watch and Gay Shame in our events space. We continue to make the space available for a fee for meetings, workshops, and performances at rates to suit your group’s needs. If you/your organization is interested, please send us a letter of inquiry with a bit about your project.