We Carry Used Books

Got books you want to get rid of?
Donated books have been integral to the continued viability of Modern Times. And we can always use more.

If you’ve got books you’d like to donate, then bring ‘em on by. We’re glad for the support and you can rest easy (and proud) knowing you’ve helped out the store. We promise to find them good homes!

So now when you visit us, you’ll find an expanded inventory of both new and used titles. Our used books are mixed in with the new and are clearly marked with colored labels on the spine. So as you’re looking up your favorite author or topic, you’ll have a choice of hot off the press or second hand shelved side by side.

As always, we thank you for your warmth and generosity. We have truly appreciated the donations.

To donate books, simply drop them by the store. See our contact page for store hours and directions.