Kobo eBook FAQ

Customer FAQs

Q: How many eBooks are in the Kobo database? And how many titles are
available for purchase in the US?
A: Kobo’s entire library is available to all customers. They currently have over 3 million eBooks and are constantly updating their library and adding new releases. Newspapers and magazines are also available for purchase in the Modern Times Kobo Store.

Q: Are foreign languages like German and Russian supported on the devices?
A: Foreign languages are supported on the Kobo Glo. As of October 2012, the interface can be set to English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portugal) and Italian.

Q: What if I already own an earlier generation Kobo eReader? Can I shop for eBooks through your store?
A: Yes. You will need to establish a new Kobo account by following the link to Kobo on our website. Then, when you next use your device, sign out of the old account and sign in using the new account name.
You can then search and buy eBooks either through the device or through the web, and continue your much-appreciated support of Modern Times Bookstore.

Q: Does Kobo allow sharing of books between Kobo devices, like Kindle and Nook do?
A: At this time it is not possible for a Kobo customer to lend or share eBooks from their library with another person. The eBooks in your Kobo library are tied directly to your account and password.

Q: Once purchased, if a book is DRM protected, is there a limit to the number of downloads?
A: If a file is DRM protected it may be downloaded 6 times in total. This restriction is set forth by the publisher and is the same for all DRM files.

For more Q&A, videos, and customer help visit kobo.com/help

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to support Modern Times Bookstore directly and before shopping at the Kobo store, please set up your Kobo account either through a device purchased at Modern Times or via the links from our website.

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