Institutional Sales
We do orders for libraries, colleges, nonprofits and other groups. Modern Times offers a range of discounts based on the quantity of the order.

Special Orders
Can’t find that small press poetry book anywhere? Or maybe you don’t want to get the latest pulp potboiler from a chain bookseller. Modern Times special orders books for customers-at no extra cost! We’ll check the title’s availability, give you an estimated time of arrival, and call you when your book arrives. Simply call the store or drop by and fill out a special order card.

Books to Prisoners 
While we’re hard at work dismantling the prison industrial complex, we want to do what we can to support friends and loved ones behind bars. As most jails and prisons will only allow books and magazines to be sent directly from a bookstore or publisher, we’ll gladly package items up for prison mail, adhering to whichever guidelines and restrictions of each particular institution. Too, we offer a 20% discount on any books or magazines that you buy to send to a prisoner.